We have been affiliated with Missouri State University for over two decades.  Over the years, we have shown support to MSU athletics by hiring student athletes.

Why is a basketball player always around?

Cabbage Patch Greenhouses!  Cabbage Patch Kids originated in 1983, which was years after the first Cabbage Patch Greenhouse.

Which came first?  Cabbage Patch Greenhouses or Cabbage Patch Kids?

Plants are grown by wholesalers in southwest Missouri and the surrounding area.  From the very beginning, our priority has been to use local growers.  Because of this, our growers are familiar with the climate and produce consistent, exceptional quality year after year.  Cabbage Patch Greenhouses came to fruition because of a friend and, therefore, we aim to personally know all of our growers.

Where do our plants come from?

​Opening April 1st

Mon - Sat    8am - 7pm

Sun               11am - 5pm

Allison Solomon



Lisa Solomon & John Solomon


Donna Wagner



Our Roots

The idea originated one night when John was working at the USPS.  He and a co-worker, Jim, were sorting mail when the conversation turned to greenhouses.  Both had noticed that in an area of 100,000+ people, there were few places to buy plants.  (Keep in mind, this was before the days when you could get your plants at the same place you got your groceries or tools.)  Jim, who already had a seasonal greenhouse, suggested John open one as well.  John and his sister opened the first location in Springfield on South Campbell.

How did we come to be Springfield’s oldest seasonal greenhouse?

220 West Plainview Road

Springfield, Missouri 65810